Statistics emergency room

Biology Statistics Emergency Room

What is the Biology Statistics Emergency Room?

This is a service available to all biologists at the Dept. of Biology, Lund. The basic idea is to have a fellow biologist available for all kinds of questions or discussions regarding statistical issues connected to biological research. The service is open once a week – every Tuesday between 9 am and noon. Each week a particular biologist, with above average knowledge in statistics, is available. See schedule below.

The service is free of charge, but each errand should be limited to half an hour, especially if there are other people waiting. It might be worthwhile to call in advance and book a time. Should a question require further analysis, complex modelling or other extraordinary handywork, the biologist on duty can assist in forwarding the question to a suitable specialist.

Scheduled biologists:

Name Unit Room Phone
Jessica Abbott (JA) Evol. Ecol. E-C254 29304
Johan Hollander (JH) Aquat. Ecol. E-D114 23473
Jon Loman (JL) Evol.. Ecol. E-A350 23796
Lars Pettersson (LP) Biodiversity E-B371 23818
Jörgen Ripa (JR) Evol. Ecol. E-A223 23770
Lars Råberg (LR) Funct. Zool. B-C206 23766
Erik Svensson (ES) Evol. Ecol. E-B254 23819

Schedule autumn 2014

Default is each Tuesday, 9 am to 12,
with possible exceptions.

3 sep JR
9 sep
16 sep LP
23 sep

30 sep

7 okt LR
14 okt
21 okt LP
28 okt JH
7 nov LR
11 nov JL
18 nov
25 nov JH
3 dec
9 dec JL
16 dec JH

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